Winning isn’t everything … it’s the only thing.  

We win games that only the winners remember the next day.   We win sports competitions that slice and dice the results down to age groups, to a point that everybody comes home with a medal.  We win a lottery so we can buy a house with six bathrooms, four refrigerators and a yard the size of a golf course.   We win at Vegas so that we can watch the Elvis impersonators in front row seats.  We are a winner in life if we hold the Senior VP of XXXXX title, the one that sucks the life out of us but pays out the $200k a year salary with stock options and health care benefits.   

However ….

We don’t win love, but the country western songs will tell us how we lose it.   We don’t win compassion but some of us have compassion.  We do not win joy, although we can find joy in life, in simple things that also rarely matter.  

We do not win a smile, a joke, or laughter …

So winning really isn’t everything … and it’s certainly not the ONLY thing.